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About us

·    We offer comprehensive management of business for companies that need to work effectively with time and cost, and know, and wish to entrust the sale of their products to a third party in the full range of responsibilities and competencies.

     The principle of quality is our daily routine and improving processes and innovations and insights from the market for our business opportunity and a challenge.

      History sales in FMCG distribution of the ESA

       In 2002, Procter & Gamble decided to entrust the distribution of its products to independent market and in selected retail chains in the hands of one company. Former Procter & Gamble used multidistribution system. Because of the good experiences with the serious approach the owners of the ESA commissioned the company to develop sales and distribution system in the Czech Republic and later in Slovakia. The sale is organized through preselling, which means that the agent is visiting retailers and creates orders that are within 72 hours of satisfied - customer receive merchandise.

      Sales Development FMCG

     The system of sale of ESA Logistics is gradually increasing intensity and integrate newcomers not only from the drugstore segment. That is the increasing volume of products sold, in number and in segments, makes the whole system more salex and more efficient.

      The advantages of our solution:

      Due to the long experience in this field, the company has distribution ESA very good, experienced and professional sales team. Minimum order is only at 50 Euros, which allows to work with a large number of customers in the independent market. Only for retail service is allocated more than 30 dealers. Most orders alre shipped within 48 hours of ordering. The company ESA Logistics is prepared as a capacitively as well as using its know-how, constantly increasing volume of goods sold using all segments of FMCG.


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